Breanne Benson and Sophia Knight's Stayover

Breanne Benson and Sophia Knight are having a... hmm, what do you call it when a friend stays the night, but nobody's planning to slumber or sleep? Let's just call it one damn hot night, for this set of 91 photos. Put two pornstars together in a room for a night, and things are all but guaranteed to get saucy. Her tits made me do it! I can't resist such a perfect pair of natural tits, so close to my tongue...

Starring: Sophia Knight, Breanne Benson
Pictures: 91
Breanne Benson and Sophia Knight Fall into Each Others' Laps

Breanne Benson and Sophia Knight redefine the meaning of ''can't keep her clothes on,'' in this set of 108 photos. I know we're porn stars and all, but just look at it. It's like we really did just fall right out of our clothes, right onto each other! And after that, we have lots of fun being tangled up together... But we will leave you wondering how far that went, for now!

Starring: Sophia Knight, Breanne Benson
Pictures: 108
Breanne Benson's Cooking Something Hot

Breanne Benson serves up all the sweet and juicy dishes you want, in this set of 74 photos. I'm in the kitchen in black bra and panties, and I'm using all my tricks to quench your hunger and the most unforgettable way. A pornstar's body can be like a fine meal… And I plan to make you dizzy, by serving myself up, course after course. I'll start you off with my eyes and smile. After that, enjoy some perfectly tender breast meat, and pie for dessert!

Starring: Breanne Benson
Pictures: 74