Breanne Benson and Sadie Swede - Cum-Friendly Threesome
Updated September 27th, 2011

Breanne Benson is here with Sadie Swede, to share a nice stiff dick, in this sticky, sexy threesome! The best threesomes are always kind of random, and this 34 minute scene definitely fits that bill. But, what do you expect will happen when you set two horny pornstars loose on one poor, unsuspecting guy? Yeah, who am I kidding, this was the best day of his life! When he was done, whatever we didn't swallow spilled all over our faces and big breasts.

Starring: Breanne Benson, Sadie Swede
Length: 34:01
Breanne Benson Gets a Deep, Wet Pounding
Updated September 13th, 2011

Breanne Benson fans, get ready for a deep, wet treat. I'm letting the gonzo camera crew get up close and very personal, while my pussy gets absolutely hammered for 41 hardcore minutes! This guy gets me all worked up outdoors, in public... then makes me follow him to his place, if I want more! I definitely wanted all I could get of his cock, so I let him hold the camera, and then guess what? This pornstar gave that cock a fucking that most men dream of their whole lives!

Starring: Breanne Benson
Length: 41:39
Breanne Benson - Action! Fuck the Lights, ACTION!
Updated August 16th, 2011

Breanne Benson fans, sometimes a pornstar is just too horny to wait for a pristine set with perfect lighting. That's the story of this 21 minute gonzo scene - as soon as my scene partner was within arms reach, I simply had to have him. Now. We head to the couch for some of the best sex I've had all year, and the cameraman got up close so you could see it all! I got fucked very well, and then I got to feel the cumshot slide up my back!

Starring: Breanne Benson, Kenny Styles
Length: 21:09